Tips To Avoid Plagiarism In The Digital Space

Technology has already made all activities easier and more efficient. However, the development of technology has made it very easy for someone to take or copy some of someone else’s work in the digital space.

In fact, what he did was plagiarism against the law. Plagiarism is a form of infringing on someone else’s work in order to use it in part or in whole without the owner’s permission.

According to Alif Luqman al-Hakim, a lecturer at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Islamic University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, it is very important to check for plagiarism in academia because it is difficult to transcribe research results. academic work. They are used as a reference rather than writing the whole thing.

In a webinar titled “Don’t Be Coming, Know About Plagiarism!” in the cited Pontianak on the most recent Monday (November 21, 2022), Elif said, “These work falls under the category of plagiarism. “he said.

Therefore, he added, it is important to check for plagiarism in order to prevent crime.

In a webinar held by Kominfo and GNLD Sibercreation, he said “It is still a good thing to maintain the quality of scientific work. We must avoid plagiarism at all, because doing so reduces the quality of the scientific work itself. “he said.

Alf said that one of the many tools available for plagiarism checking is the duplicate checking tool, which can detect whether a text is original or the result of plagiarism.

Here is a Plagiarism Checker Small SEO tool you can install on your WordPress site. Then there’s Turnitin, specially designed for scholars who can spot plagiarism in their documents.

Meanwhile, Jablady activist and UIN instructor Alauddin Makassar Andy Fouzia provided Astrid tips for avoiding plagiarism.

The trick is to pay attention to your bids. Quotation; Check the documents to be entered in advance. Do manual tasks and manage your time.

According to him, one of the reasons people plagiarize is because they lack time or are too lazy to do everything independently.

“We are expected to be able to identify, verify and use the information we obtain for the benefit of others,” said Fawzia.

On the other hand, Adi Irma Sukmawati, a lecturer in the Communication Studies Program at Yogyakarta University of Technology, said Article 25 of the Electronic Information Transaction Act stipulates that electronic information and/or electronic documents be collected and registered as intellectual works, copyrights and patents, trademarks, trade secrets, Protect industrial designs and models and more.

The same laws still apply to the use of information technology, and the protection of personal data is part of individual rights.

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