Safer Samsung Smartphone Service With Maintenance Mode What Is This?

Samsung has started rolling out the “Maintenance Mode” feature worldwide. Previously, this feature was first introduced in South Korea and was initially rolled out in China.

FYI, Maintenance Mode is a new privacy feature that comes to some Samsung Galaxy devices. This feature allows users to block access to personal information such as photos, messages, including contact lists, while the device is being repaired.

Samsung Electronics Mobile eXperience Division Security Team Vice President Shin Seung-won said in an official statement on Saturday (November 26, 2022).

According to Seungwon Shin, this feature is an example of Samsung’s efforts to introduce new ways to keep users safe and in control. So you can explore new mobile experiences with confidence.

Typically, maintenance mode creates a separate user account when a unit is handed over for repair, allowing technicians to perform basic functions without access to the user’s personal information.

To access this feature, users simply select Maintenance Mode from the “Battery and device care” menu in Settings and then restart the smartphone. Once the reboot process is complete, all user’s personal information including photos, documents, and messages will be restricted.

As long as this feature is enabled, the person handling the device will not be able to discover applications installed on your device. Any data or accounts created while using maintenance mode will be automatically deleted when the user exits this mode.

For reference, the maintenance mode itself was successfully tested on the Galaxy S21 line in South Korea in July 2022 and will arrive in China in September 2022. This feature will be rolled out in stages over the next few months on select models. Run One UI 5.

Samsung also guarantees that the feature will continue rolling out throughout 2023. This situation will continue to spread to more and more other Samsung phones.

Meanwhile, Samsung has started gradually rolling out One UI 5 to Galaxy smartphone users worldwide by introducing a series of new features.

Citing a press release, on Friday (November 18, 2022) Samsung announced several updates with One UI 5.

The first is the new Bixby text calling feature that allows users to communicate the way they want. Bixby Text Call lets you answer calls simply by typing a message.

The Bixby smart platform converts text to speech and shares directly with the caller on behalf of the user, converting speech to text to show the user what the caller is saying.

Samsung says this feature is ideal for situations where users need to communicate but can’t always be heard, such as on a crowded train or in a noisy concert hall.

For reference, the English version of Bixby Text Call will be available in early 2023 via a One UI software update.

Another new feature is Routines, which allow users to create a series of actions on their device based on their activity. Beyond that, there are also modes that allow users to create custom settings for different aspects of their lives.

For example, when exercising, a user’s priority might be to turn off notifications to focus on exercising and playing music. Then, turning off the sound and lowering the screen brightness while you sleep may help you relax.

One UI5 ‚Äč‚Äčalso features a new look and feel to deliver a friendlier and smoother experience, from more striking and simpler app icons to a streamlined color scheme.

Notifications in One UI 5 are also more intuitive, making them easier to read at a glance. It also features clearer answer and reject buttons for answering calls via a redesigned pop-up display.

Samsung also said that “personalization and the ability to express oneself are also an important part of everyone’s mobile experience.” To that end, One UI 5 supports easy and versatile customization within the lock screen.

With just a few clicks, users can cut a video and turn the moment into a flash on their smartphone. Users can further personalize this lock screen by changing the wallpaper, clock style and pop-up notifications on one screen.

Widgets in One UI 5 also come with exciting new options and the ability to keep your home screen tidy with a new stack of widgets.

This feature allows users to drag and drop widgets on top of each other and swipe left or right to quickly and easily scroll through each widget to free up space on the home screen and make efficient use of it.

One UI 5 also features smart suggestions for widgets. Based on your usage patterns and the context of your mobile activity, this feature automatically suggests apps and actions that further personalize your experience.

Samsung says that in One UI 5, users will be able to more easily extract text from images and share them as notes via smart text extraction.

The new connected devices list also helps users control all devices connected to their smartphone. Users can access all features that work on other devices such as Quick Share, Smart View and Samsung DeX.

Additionally, an easily accessible auto-switch menu allows users to automatically switch earbuds from one device to another for seamless playback between devices.

In the Security section, we have a new Security & Privacy dashboard designed to be as simple as possible to simplify device status and make it quick and easy to understand.

To protect privacy, One UI 5 includes a notification in the new sharing panel that warns users if they accidentally share a photo containing potentially sensitive information such as credit or debit card, driver’s license or passport photos. .

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