Metaverse Topics Of Environmental Issues Will Be Trending On Social Media In 2023

Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence and deep listening solutions company, has teamed up with software company Khoros to release the 2023 Social Media Trends Report.

This report was published after the two companies collaborated on a deep listening and social media management solution.

The 2023 Social Media Trends Report “From Ideas to Actions: How to Disrupt Disruptive Consumers” highlights the must-see social media trends for brands, marketers, and PR professionals in the coming year.

With the official statement cited on Thursday (October 11, 2022), the report uses Talkwalker’s social listening and AI analytics capabilities to discover the 10 most influential social media trends for 2023.

It also shows how consumers are driving this trend in Asia and around the world. The information behind each of these trends is supported by industry-specific social sharing actions that marketers from the Khors Strategic Services team can take on.

Additionally, the report features contributions from more than 70 industry experts and industry leaders, both locally and globally, including Samit Malkani from Google SEA and India, Ervin Ha from YouGov, and Tom Simpson from Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) APAC.

CMO Talkwalker David Low said marketers are chasing consumers and each other with the rapid change in the digital environment.

“This is evident in the Asia Pacific region, where many countries make up the world’s largest digital consumer base and drive global online shopping,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khors Chief Marketing Officer Dillon Nugent acknowledged that the value of data and consumer input is very meaningful to the company.

“Consumers’ comfort level with online activities such as shopping, research and socializing has not diminished even after the world has opened up. They also care more about their communities.”

He added that marketers need a deeper understanding of these trends and behaviors to create more impactful strategies to personalize the consumer experience and keep brands connected with consumers.

So, here are three topics that are expected to trend in social media in Southeast Asia in 2023.

The metaverse is trending among Southeast Asian audiences, with over 5.9 million conversations recorded on social media channels so far last year.

Indonesia had the most mentions and engagements of any monitored country, reaching 60% of all conversations and reaching a third of posts related to this topic.

The Philippines ranks second across Southeast Asia with around 24% mentions and 29% engagement.

Brands looking to launch metaverse campaigns need to stay on top of the latest conversational trends and ensure that this new reality connects to the real needs of consumers. Social media trading has become popular.

Post-pandemic digital growth and rising cost of living are driving demand for affordable products and services.

Consumers increasingly want to experience new shopping channels such as social media. However, some countries are more willing to embrace social media commerce than others.

According to M&C Saatchi Performance Report data, in Southeast Asia, the pandemic drove more online shoppers last year, with e-commerce (e-commerce) and social media transactions accounting for more than 50% of online purchases in 2021.

This trend will accelerate after 2023. Social media platforms will make the social media shopping experience more seamless for consumers.

As awareness of rising global temperatures increases and more consumers face the direct impacts of climate change, brands are making sustainability a priority.

According to Wunderman Thompson, Asia Pacific consumers prefer environmentally responsible brands compared to the global average.

Thailand and Indonesia are the major markets with the highest number of consumers demanding sustainable product choices, specifically at 83% and 82% respectively.

Fortunately, research by Talkwalker shows that brands are learning to speak the same language with consumers as both brands increasingly use the same keywords to drive the conversation about sustainability.

It represents a unified vision shared by consumers and brands, and shows that more and more brands are determined to make a real difference to this situation by incorporating sustainable practices by 2023.

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