Google Doodle Joins American Thanksgiving Day With Display Of Handmade Sculptures

Thanksgiving is one of the national holidays celebrated in the United States (US). This year, that day is Thursday, November 24, 2022 local time.

Google also brought the celebration back to life by displaying a Thanksgiving-themed Google Doodle. Unfortunately, this doodle did not appear in Indonesia.

Google Doodle Thanksgiving itself shows four animals: a fox, a rabbit, a mouse and a bear celebrating Thanksgiving by eating together. Uniquely, this graffiti was hand-carved and photographed by Celine You.

“Today’s hand-carved graffiti celebrates Thanksgiving in America! Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November,” Google wrote on its official website.

He continued, “November 24 this year is the day when many people from all over the country gather with their loved ones to say thank you and sit around the table.”

In addition to enjoying recipes passed down from generation to generation, Google says millions of people attend or watch parades across the country.

Communities across the country organize food rations and free dinners to help as many Americans as possible celebrate the day.

This Google doodle is only visible to users in the United States. However, you can still view them on the official Google Doodle page ( or by accessing Google via a VPN.

According to Global , Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year in the last week of November. This holiday is a time when families come home and come together.

A Thanksgiving staple is turkey. A turkey is larger than regular chicken and can be stuffed inside with a variety of complementary ingredients.

Thanksgiving itself means giving thanks. This tradition dates back to before the founding of the United States.

The earliest history of this tradition dates back to 1610. At the time, British settlers (called Pilgrims) from Plymouth ate with a group of Wampanoags, Native Americans.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 with 140 pilgrims attending their first harvest.

According to Time, at least 90 citizens and 50 Britons attended. Brits ate at the table and Wampanoags most likely ate on the floor.

Not just eating, but competing with entertainment. The main food is deer, but fish and poultry are also found.

The first Thanksgiving diplomatic event did not last long. After 1621, more and more colonists came to the New World.

Time reports that between 1630 and 1642 more than 25,000 Englishmen came to the New World. The US population declined due to the pandemic. The growing population of the colonies led to land disputes with the natives.

Time magazine reported that while Pilgrim and Wampanoag were dining together, the event had not yet been called Thanksgiving. The event also marked diplomacy between the two groups.

It was in 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday. The festival is held every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

However, Britannica pointed out that in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who officially instituted Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November. As a result, the celebration date is not the same every year.

American movies and TV shows have popularized this tradition in other countries as well, but it is not celebrated in many countries.

In addition to the United States, countries with Thanksgiving traditions include Canada, Liberia, Japan, and Germany, which celebrate Thanksgiving at different times.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is also where people spend money on shopping.

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