Dell Pro 2K Webcam WB5023 Review: Great For Gaming Productivity

For those who continue to use WFA (Work Anywhere), the need for a webcam device is very important when conducting online meetings.

Besides a reliable internet connection, a webcam is an important tool when you spend most of your meeting time on Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams.

Most laptops now have webcams, but the quality of these built-in devices isn’t perfect.

Besides the limited video recording quality, a laptop’s built-in webcam offers only a temporary advantage. This can be overcome with the new Dell Pro 2K Webcam WB5023.

What was the experience of the Tekno team trying out the Dell webcam experience? Without a long explanation, here is a brief review from of the Dell Pro 2K Webcam WB5023.

Dell Pro 2K model

Unlike typical webcams, the Dell WB5023 has a cylindrical shape with a single USB port for laptops and a large lens with a magnetic flap to protect the camera from dust.

The Dell Pro 2K review unit that visited the editing room stands out with its dark gray color and rubber-coated stand.

Since the webcam stand is rubberized and very long, you can place the WB5023 on a variety of screen shapes and sizes without slipping easily.

For power users who regularly stream on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and other platforms, Dell offers a hole under the lens.

This gives you more freedom to use the Dell WB5023 2K on a tripod or tabletop extra camera “arm”.

Don’t worry about the cable connecting the webcam to your laptop or PC as Dell provides a 1.5m cable.

Besides the unique shape, the WB5023 has no buttons or lights. This is of course an added value, as a webcam looks more natural when connected to a monitor or laptop.

In bright conditions, the Dell Webcam can perform very well by displaying natural colors.

During testing, the Tekno team found that the blacks and brightness levels looked better than using the laptop’s built-in webcam.

In addition to the 2K capabilities, the screen is also detailed during video conferencing for streaming gameplay on various platforms.

Of course, this can be demonstrated very well thanks to the artificial intelligence technology used by the company.

So what if the lighting conditions aren’t bright enough? Like most webcams, the Dell WB5023 suffers from this condition.

Armed with Dell’s built-in software, you can take advantage of the capabilities of this webcam and further enhance it.

Brightness level, sharpness, contrast and HDR can be adjusted with automatic white balance.

Not only that, you can also use the software to control FOV (field of view), zoom and screenshot settings.

One of the downsides of this device is the microphone built into the webcam which I feel when using it for video calls and live broadcasts.

We found that the sound captured by the WB5023 felt “distant” when heard during a video call. Colleagues have told me many times that the sound from the webcam is too quiet.

Overall, the Dell Pro 2K Webcam WB5023 is an economical choice for a webcam.

With a price tag of IDR 2,290,000, the Dell Pro 2K can be used for office use for broadcasting on various platforms and can be a long-term investment.

Its use is fairly easy. Simply stick it to your monitor screen, connect the USB-A port to your laptop or PC, and Dell’s new webcam is ready to go.

Thanks to the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology built into the webcam, you get better image results in low to bright conditions.

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