Apple Interested In Buying Manchester United Red Devils

Apple is said to be interested in acquiring British soccer giant Manchester United (MU).

Info, ownership of the football club the Glazer family nicknames the Red Devils is reportedly ending this week.

According to New York Stock Exchange records, the billionaire family is currently seeking “strategic alternatives” for the future of MU’s football club.

According to the Daily Star on Friday (November 25, 2022) Apple is considering paying Manchester United $6.9 billion.

The British newspaper also reported that the Glazer family initially wanted to sell the Red Devils for $9.9 billion.

However, they decided to sell to the highest bidder, and Apple was one of those parties.

Tim Cook wants to explore limitless opportunities when Apple acquires Man United.

Currently, a representative from Apple is in talks with the bank to oversee the sale.

If Apple buys Manchester United, it will be the first time Apple has bought a sports team.

So far, neither Apple nor Manchester United’s owners have commented on the news of the purchase.

Meanwhile, Apple is known to make major changes to the design of its new phone, the iPhone 15, next year.

According to leaks from Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, the iPhone 15 body structure will be made of titanium.

He also said that the glass back panel of the new iPhone body will have rounded corners and a flat screen like the iPhone 5C.

With this design, Apple hopes that users will be able to hold the phone more comfortably and lightly with the titanium body.

The leaker said it was too early to tell if Apple would adopt this design or prefer a shape like the iPhone 14 series.

This is not the only iPhone 15 rumor floating around online. Many other leaks started to flourish and became the talk of the netizens.

One is that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max use solid-state keys for the volume and power buttons with tactile response instead of using physical buttons.

The solid-state home button, first introduced on the iPhone 7, vibrates in response to touch instead of being physically pressed by the user.

iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd generation also have a solid Home button powered by Apple’s Taptic Engine.

Apple uses this same technology to enable touch keyboard presses in iOS 16 and uses the Force Touch trackpad used by MacBooks.

Kuo explained on Twitter that Apple had to add a Taptic Engine to the left and right sides of the two high-end iPhone 15 models “to provide feedback that makes users feel like they’re pressing a physical button.”

As The Verge reported on Monday (October 31, 2022), this will increase the number of Apple Taptic Engines in the iPhone 15 from one to three.

Kuo didn’t mention a base or Plus model of the iPhone 15, so it’s safe to assume that these two options may still have physical power and volume buttons that can be pressed.

This is still just a rumor. Apple wanted to introduce solid-state buttons on the Apple Watch in 2018, but that hasn’t materialized yet. Even the latest Apple Watch Ultra still has a few physical keys.

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