20,000 Chinese IPhone Factory Workers Quit After Riots

 An iPhone factory in China, owned by well-known company Foxconn, drew attention when there were clashes between employees and police.

The company’s apology softened their hearts, but it turned out that some employees were still not happy.

As a result, it is known that not a few employees are leaving the largest iPhone manufacturing plant.

On Saturday, November 26, 2022 (November 26, 2022), more than 20,000 employees left the iPhone factory, according to a report by Reuters via GSM Arena.

He said the majority of those employees were new hires who had just left after receiving compensation without starting the job.

Prior to the riots, the Foxconn plant employed more than 200,000 people.

We can be sure that the impact of this incident will have a negative impact on iPhone production and shipments.

On November 7, 2022, Apple revealed that shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be lower than previously expected.

Analysts say that if the current rollout continues through December, only 10 million iPhones will be produced, far more than originally planned.

Meanwhile, a Foxconn insider told Reuters that “the accident had a major impact on public image, but little impact on factory capacity.”

“Our current capacities have not been affected. Those who have left have not yet been educated or started working,” he said.

According to the information, clashes between employees and police at Foxconn factories were largely caused by the government’s strict Covid-19 restrictions.

The demo at Foxconn’s iPhone plant in Zhengzhou, China, was chaotic. Videos of the riot circulating on social media show workers wearing hazmat suits and batons clashing with police.

The protests came after workers found out that their bonus payments were delayed. Previously it was quarantined or closed for weeks due to Covid-19.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday (November 24, 2022), citing The Verge, that the protests began this Tuesday evening near an employee quarters.

To prevent the spread of the disease in Zhengzhou due to the tight controls of Covid-19, workers have been quarantined and forced to live and work in the facility.

It was revealed in October that many employees had left the plant, prompting Foxconn to offer incentives such as higher wages and bonuses to retain employees.

The video shows hundreds of workers chanting “Give us wages” as they protest, surrounded by riot police and police officers in protective gear.

In another live broadcast, workers protested food shortages and delayed payments.

“They changed the contract so we couldn’t get the support they promised. They quarantined us, but they didn’t give us any food,” said an iPhone factory worker.

Other workers, citing Engadget, also expressed concern that they would contract Covid-19 instead.

On Wednesday local time Foxconn confirmed the riots, citing the central news agency.

In a statement, the Taiwanese company asserted that it had fulfilled its wage contract and that reports of injured workers living in facilities with new employees were untrue.

The company added, “We will continue to communicate with employees and the government regarding violent acts to prevent recurrence.”

A source familiar with the situation said production at the plant was not affected by labor unrest, saying production remained normal.

Also, only “some” of the new recruits took part in the riots, the source added.

Foxconn recently quoted the US Central News Agency on the 30th and announced that there was a technical error when hiring new employees. It also apologized to workers after the riots this week.

“Our team investigated and discovered a technical glitch during boarding,” Foxconn said in a statement.

“We apologize for any computerized input errors and guarantee that the actual salary will be the same as the agreed salary and the official job posting,” it added.

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